Radio advertisements, promos, narration & jingles are all examples of what Dan has completed in the past, and can deliver his voice in the style that you require.

If its jingles for an internet/community radio station, to narration of a promotional video, if a powerful, informative voice is what you’re looking for, Dan can deliver.

For bookings please contact Dan by the contact page.

Dan’s Casting details:

Sex: Male

Vocal age range: 18-37

Style: Energetic, Friendly, Versatile, Warm, Dopy, Soft, Gentle, Punchy

Accents: Essex (Native), Cockney, RP, Heightened RP, South London, Northern England, South Welsh

Media Specialist: Jingles, Commercials, Corporate, Audio Books, Character Voices, Prompts, Telephone Prompts

Dan is able to deliver a voice over by either visiting your studio or using his own mobile studio. This can normally be done within 24 hours depending on availability.

Dan also offers production services and can offer a “Full Mix” if required.

Examples of voice over work:

Commercial Voiceover Demo

Commercial Voiceover Demo

Voice over for Taj Tours TV commercial

DJ Stabs/Drops Demo

Narration & Documentary Demo

Narration & Documentary Demo

Telephone (On Hold) Demo

Telephone (On Hold) Demo

Telephone (IVR) Demo

Telephone (IVR) Demo

Radio Drama Voiceover Demo

Radio Drama Demo

Please message Dan from the contact page to get a quote for a voice over session. Dan is also offering fixed price voice-over’s for Community Radio Stations, Charity Services and DJ’s. These can be purchased from the store.

Community Radio (Voice Over Session)
Price(GBP): £20.00

Pro-ToolsDan can fully mix production material for your radio station, including Radio Promos, Idents, Sweepers, Staggers.
He can be delivered by MP3, WAV, FTP, CD or Drop Box.

Examples of production work:

Radio Promo (Tim Murphy)

Tim Murphy Promo Trailer

Corporate / Sports Jingle (Evan Jays – Boxer)

Corporate/Sports Jingle


Please message Dan from the contact page to get a quote for a fully mixed sounding production. Dan is also offering fixed priced Radio Promos for community radio, this can be purchased from the store.

Community Radio Promo (Full Production Mix)
Price(GBP): £50.00