Freelance Broadcast Engineer

Posted in Broadcast Engineering by Dan
7 Jun 2013

I have experience working in outside broadcasting as a sound assistant on location. I’m confident as a boom operator, and have worked happily alongside comms engineers, PSC sound, DSS engineers, RIEDEL operators, and telex operators. I’m keen to further my work in this exciting,ever changing environment and to explore the new challenges it offers to me as a sound engineer.

I love the work involved in on location outside broadcast engineering, as it constantly takes me to new places and introduces me to new people – both within the audio and television industry, and from all other walks of life. I’m working hard to broaden my skillset into the areas of communications engineering, and the specific sound engineering skills that are involved in the realm of broadcast sound.

Feel free to drop me an email to [email protected] if you would like to discuss any broadcast work.

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